Just one change

New Years is a time were most of us try to make life changes and promises to have a healthier and happier year. We are fueled by commercials for diet or exercise programs and travel destinations. Those promises often require quite a lot of change in lifestyle and are hard to maintain. By March, folks feel like they have let themselves down and are back to a rut.

Let’s take a new approach. Commit to making one change. Improve one relationship with better communication, better boundaries, more focus. Or, maybe, work 4 less hours a week and use those hours for yourself. Maybe you cook that new healthy recipe once a week. The point is, make success achievable, and then achieve that success. Allow the fruit of this one change to be corner you need to turn for a greater overall life.

On your way to larger life goals, start small and feel good enough with that. Next year the change can be bigger or you can set two achievable goals instead of just one. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on a hill you can climb now and save some endurance for  bigger hills as your discipline improves.