photo-lisa3 Lisa Ann Smith
Locations : Alpharetta – GA, Midtown – GA, Telemental Health – GA & NC
I am passionate about my work and strongly believe in the healing benefits of psychotherapy. I view therapy as a process through which we explore the issues that confront you, place them in a context and develop strategies for change. …(click for more)
Louise M. Turner
Locations :  Midtown – GA, Telemental Health – GA
“I am a firm believer in meeting a person where they are. There is power in building rapport with others and helping them move toward their goals. At times during that process it will be important to revisit things from the past that have impacted the present…(click for more)
Yvette Cianfaglione
Locations :  Alpharetta – GA, Midtown – GA
My style encompasses humor and directness in order to bring clarity to the client. My philosophy of treatment is establishing a therapeutic relationship in a safe and trusting environment which fosters the client’s ability to increase insight and awareness…(click for more)
JoAnna Castrilla-Cole
Locations : Alpharetta – GA,  Midtown – GA, Telemental Health – GA
My approach to therapy is to create a therapeutic alliance using respect and compassion in a non-judging manner that encourages exploring the individual’s concerns and assists in their journey toward empowerment and wellness.  …(click for more)
Jamie Mahaffey
Locations : Midtown – GA, Telemental Health – GA
I have a strong passion to help restore relationships (specifically marriages) and the issues that plague them. My love of treating mental health concerns in a psychotherapeutic way allows for me to empower my clients to make healthy …(click for more) 
Lenice Metelo
Locations : Telemental Health – GA
My objective in counseling is to help you clarify issues, gain insight into your thoughts and feelings to deal effectively with problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, substance abuse, alcoholism, and grief.…(click for more)
Heather W. McMahon
Locations : Burlington – NC,  Telemental Health – NC & GA
I work with clients who struggle with dead end relationships they cannot reconcile, jobs that make them feel trapped, and people who cannot seem to find their way to a happy life.  Anxiety, fear and sadness make them feel stuck and hopeless.  If you are ready to start feeling confident, hopeful and prepared to commit to taking steps toward a happy life, it’s time to work together….(click for more)
Julie Zemke
Locations : Alpharetta – GA, Midtown – GA, Telemental Health – GA
“I have a particular interest in helping empower people to set healthy boundaries and voice their needs in a more assertive manner. I feel honored to listen and provide tools shown to improve overall quality of life.”…(click for more)
Carrie Dorminey
Locations : Telemental Health – GA
Carrie believes that at some point in everyone’s life, they will need a therapist.  It is a great strength to reach out and ask for help.  Allow her to come along side of you during your journey and help you get where you want to be …(click for more)
Oliver, Therapy Dog
Locations : Alpharetta – GA, Midtown – GA
Research has found that pets truly have the power to heal.  The benefits we experience when animals are beside us
…(click for more)