photo-lisa3 Lisa Ann Smith
Locations : Alpharetta – GA, Midtown – GA, Telemental Health – GA & NC
I am passionate about my work and strongly believe in the healing benefits of psychotherapy. I view therapy as a process through which we explore the issues that confront you, place them in a context and develop strategies for change. …(click for more)


Julie Zemke
Locations : Alpharetta – GA, Midtown – GA, Telemental Health – GA
“I have a particular interest in helping empower people to set healthy boundaries and voice their needs in a more assertive manner. I feel honored to listen and provide tools shown to improve overall quality of life.”…(click for more)


Yvette Cianfaglione
Locations :  Alpharetta – GA, Midtown – GA
My style encompasses humor and directness in order to bring clarity to the client. My philosophy of treatment is establishing a therapeutic relationship in a safe and trusting environment which fosters the client’s ability to increase insight and awareness…(click for more)


JoAnna Castrilla-Cole
Locations : Alpharetta – GA, Midtown – GA, Telemental Health – GA
My approach to therapy is to create a therapeutic alliance using respect and compassion in a non-judging manner that encourages exploring the individual’s concerns and assists in their journey toward empowerment and wellness.  …(click for more)


Carol Simpson
M. Ed., LPC
 : Alpharetta-GA, Midtown-GA, Telemental Health-GA
 I am passionate about my work and view my job as a facilitator of change. My goal as a therapist is to inspire you to look within yourself to find the answers that lie within...(click for more)


Oliver, Therapy Dog
Locations : Alpharetta – GA, Midtown – GA
Research has found that pets truly have the power to heal.  The benefits we experience when animals are beside us
…(click for more)