La Tonya Dunn

Locations : Alpharetta – GA, Midtown – GA, Telemental Health – GA

One of my greatest joys as a therapist is to walk alongside you; without judgment, illuminating some things, compassionately challenging other things, and smiling in awe of you when you come to new understandings about the many things that have kept you stuck. I believe that you already have what you need to lead the kind of life you desire, but have forgotten how to gain access to your inner wisdom, resources, and competencies. My job is to help wake you up to what is already there and to assist you in making use of these most valuable assets.

With couples, I am interested in the particular rhythm of the dance between them and how various influences have contributed to the couple’s staying in sync or losing track of one another. I support couples in finding their way back to one another and in embracing a new, more fitting rhythm to which to move together.

With families, I look for ways the problem has wedged itself between the members and the impact of this intrusion. I support each family member in telling their truth and in learning to listen to one another differently. My goal is to help the family explore new possibilities for how they can better relate and communicate with one another.

The decision to come to talk with someone about personal aspects of your life is a significant one. It requires willingness, commitment, and vulnerability. I honor the privilege I have to work in some of the most sensitive places of clients’ lives and I admire their courage to stand up to the difficulties that have infiltrated their lives, disrupted their important relationships, assaulted their sense of self-worth, and diminished their quality of life.  It is my goal each session to create a safe space for you to do the work you need to do in order to lead a more fulfilling life.”

La Tonya has worked in the human services field since 2002 and has a wide range of experiences. She began her career providing direct care for emotionally disturbed and at risk youth with backgrounds of sexual victimization, neglect, and physical abuse. She later provided family education services to help families stay together through improved functioning. La Tonya has provided individual, couples, and family therapy in addition to leading psychotherapy groups and psycho-educational groups. Her experience has included helping folks from and on various paths in life to recover from substance abuse issues to making important life decisions about relationships, career, family, and many things in between.

Licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and trained as a brief relational systems therapist, La Tonya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Master Addiction Counselor Certification.

The areas of practice that get her particularly excited include:

  • Communication/relationship difficulties/families/couples
  • LGBTQI issues
  • Substance Abuse issues
  • Childhood trauma histories
  • Self-worth issues
  • Anger/Emotional issues