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World Mental Health Day Oct 10th 2019

World Mental Health Day October
World Mental Health Day highlights mental health education, awareness, and advocacy against the social stigma. Treatment and support are available for those who need it—but the door to conversation must be open.

How to Observe World Mental Health Day
Check out the World Federation for Mental Health website. Learn about resources and activities taking place around the world and near you.

1. Organize a conversation in your office or community
Start your own conversation about what it takes to be healthy in body and mind by organizing an event with your friends and neighbors. It can be a powerful way to
learn more about each other and strengthen support networks close to home.

2. Educate yourself on mental health and share an important stat on social media
Chances are there is a lot about depression or OCD you don’t know—who is most affected? When is the earliest people show symptoms? What are the tell-tale
symptoms? Find out something you didn’t know and make sure to tell your friends.

Why World Mental Health Day is Important
1. World Mental Health Day helps create awareness and action on a global scale
2. World Mental Health Day starts a conversation about mental health and well being that helps reduce the stigma associated with mental health illnesses,
and could lead to more people seeking support and treatment.

The day offers an opportunity to reflect and take ownership of mental well being.
We are all juggling a lot—stress, disappointment, grief—and all these emotions can add up. World Mental Health Day allows an opportunity to think about mental health issues and make changes if necessary.
It’s not just about your mental health. You don’t need to have depression, anxiety or any other mental health disorder to make a difference today. Educating yourself and offering support to your
community can help everyone’s health.

So today try to connect with others, exercise, make time for self care!

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Summertime is officially here! Take some time to get out and socialize with friends or make new friends. Interacting with others is good for mental health and research shows it helps boost your mental health, live longer and improves brain function as we continue to age. So get out and volunteer, visit with friends, attend a Synagogue/Church/Temple/Mosque, go to a meetup or exercise with others. 

Enjoy the summer!