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Below are the answers to several frequently asked questions. If you need more information you are welcome to contact us directly at 678.310.6631 in GA, 336.567.3001 in NC, or

What happens in therapy?

In the first few sessions we will gather information about your background and the issues that led you to seek therapy at this time. We will then discuss with you my impressions and recommendations for us to pursue in treatment. During therapy we will talk about the primary issues and concerns in your life as well as ancillary matters as they arise, with a view towards gaining greater insight into these problems and implementing more adaptive coping strategies.

How often should I come to therapy?

Most people attend therapy at least once per week or every two weeks. It is very individualized. Depending on your current circumstances and needs, we can discuss whether treatment of greater or lesser frequency seems appropriate.

How long will I be in therapy?

The duration of treatment varies from person to person based on one’s goals and the nature of the presenting problem.

Is therapy effective?

Overall, people in therapy tend to have lower levels of anxiety and stress, decreased conflict, and improved quality of life. In order for that to happen, you must be an active participant in treatment during the sessions and integrate what was discussed into your life.

Is therapy confidential?

Generally the law protects the confidentiality of all communications between a client and a psychotherapist. Information is not disclosed without written permission. However, there are a number of exceptions to this rule which are:

  • Suspected child abuse or dependent (vulnerable) adult or elder abuse. (The therapist is required by law to report this to the appropriate authorities immediately)
  • If a client is threatening serious bodily harm to another person or persons. (The therapist must notify the police and inform the intended victim)
  • If a client intends to harm himself or herself or lacks the capacity to care for him or herself. (The therapist must make every effort to enlist the client’s cooperation in ensuring their safety. If the client does not cooperate, further measures must be taken without the client’s permission in order to keep the client safe, i.e. calling 911.)
  • Prenatal Exposure to Controlled Substances. (Mental Health care professionals are required to report admitted prenatal exposure to controlled substances that are potentially harmful.)
  • Judicial and Administrative Proceedings- where the licensee is a defendant in a civil, criminal, or disciplinary action arising from the therapy, in which case client confidences may be disclosed in the course of that action.
  • When there is a valid court order for the disclosure of client files. (This is very rare and will be reviewed by our attorney before handing anything over to the courts.)

What are the fees?

Our fee for conducting psychotherapy for self pay clients is $150.00 a session (self pay discounts may be available if sessions are paid at the the time the services are rendered). We accept most insurances. Fees change depending on your specific insurance benefit when using insurance.

Can I use my insurance?

We accept the following insurance as an in-network provider: Aetna, APS, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, ComPsych, Humana (LifeSynch) and Magellan. If you do not see your insurance carrier listed above, you may still be able to file a claim for reimbursement if you have out of network benefits. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary documentation upon request.

Do you do phone consultations and telemental health (“Skype” like video conference)?

We provide phone consultations and telemental health sessions (“skype” like video conference).

Telemental health will change the world by making it easier and more affordable for healthcare providers to care for their patients anywhere, including rural and underserved areas. We believe everyone should have access to care through telemental health.

All you need to start a telemental health visit is a web link to your therapist’s room using a standard computer or an app on a mobile device. No special hardware or software are necessary and there is no additional cost to you. The secure data transmission and patient privacy is a top priority. We utilize a service with state-of-the-art security and encryption protocols, making it compliant with HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

Phone consultations and telemental health may not be covered by most insurance. You can check with your insurance company by calling the customer services number in your insurance card.

We are happy to speak to you but a charge of $45.00 will be applied to consultations lasting greater than 15 minutes but less than 30 minutes. Consultations lasting 30 minutes or more will be charged according to our current fee schedule.

When is payment due and what payment method can I use?

Payment of fees is due at the time of your appointment. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, PayPal or credit card (Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover).

What happens if I need to cancel or arrive late to a session?

Typical sessions are 45 to 55 minutes, unless otherwise arranged. Out of respect for you and other clients, we will begin and end on time. You are welcome to come for your appointment if you are late, but the session will end on the original scheduled time.

A 48-business hour cancellation policy applies to all appointments. Please, kindly inform us as soon as you know that you will not be able to attend your appointment. If you have an emergency, you may contact us and we can reschedule your appointment. There is a $70 fee for sessions that are cancelled within the 48-business hour cancellation period. It is important to note that Insurance companies will not pay for late cancellation fees or missed appointments and the client is responsible for the entire $70 fee.

Two missed appointments or late cancellations (in a row) often indicate a lack of commitment with the therapy and may result in the termination.

What if I have an emergency?

Please understand that we make every effort to be respectful of your time and that of others; however our availability after hours or between sessions is limited but we make every effort to return phone calls on the same day unless the call comes in very late.

All calls are kept confidential and answered by a licensed professional counselor(s). Once you have started therapy your primary therapist will return your call and/or answer your concerns.

Phone consultations are not covered by your insurance. We are happy to speak to you but charges may apply to phone consultations lasting greater than 15 minutes. See phone consultations FAQ stated above.

If you consider your situation an emergency that will not allow a delay, immediately reach emergency services by calling 911 or a mental health crisis stabilization hospitals that can provide 24/7 emergency support.You may also go to the your nearest emergency room. Do NOT text, email 1 Alliance Counseling & Psychotherapy Services while you are experiencing an emergency.

  • National suicide hotline: 800-273-8255
  • Georgia mental health crisis stabilization hospitals:
    • Peachford 770-454-2302,
    • Grady Hospital 404- 616-5500,
    • Anchor Hospital 770-991-6044
  • North Carolina mental health crisis stabilization hospitals:
    • Alamance Regional (Burlington) and Cone Hospital (Greensboro): 336-832-7000.
    • Old Vineyard psychiatric hospital, Winston-Salem 336-416-9621
    • Holly Hill psychiatric hospital, Raleigh 919-231-5302

If you do not consider your situation an Emergency and it can be delayed you can always call and say you are having difficulties and state your name and telephone number on our telephone identification line; however, our preference when in doubt is for you to call 911, or one of the following mental health crisis stabilization hospitals that can provide 24/7 emergency support .

How long are the sessions?

Typical sessions are 45 to 55 minutes, unless otherwise arranged. Out of respect for you and other clients, we will begin and end on time.